The reason for the late payment is not because of Financial problems. The late payment has been the result of a very significant chargeback, which has been contested by the company.

The chargeback challenge has resulted in a major six figure sum being temporarily held by one of our payment processors, in line with normal processing guidelines. BeTheDealer has replaced the processor with alternative processing solutions. This has led to some disruption and manual processing during the changeover period.

The core business remains successful and the situation has been now been resolved. The payment backlog will have been completely eliminated by next week and all future payments will be processed promptly.

The company has introduced backup processing solutions to eliminate the possibility of a recurrence.

BeTheDealer is expanding its operations and currently recruiting an additional 16 staff to enhance its product offering and support.

The company apologises to all players and affiliates who have been affected by delays and thanks them for the patience and continued support.

Best Regards,

Eric Roskamp
Affiliates Manager
Casiopea Group